Electrical Service Specifications

To view MEC’s Electric Service Specifications, please click below.
Overhead Service

Underground Service

Overhead service to a residence consists of up to 1000 feet at no cost, after that, there is a charge.  For underground service, there is a charge for all of it and it is not free.
Consumers should consider underground service routing before installation of paved driveway and/or septic system. See B and C below.

Don’t Overload Wiring Or Outlets!

Signs of overloaded wiring include:

  • Frequently blown fuses
  • Tripped breaker switches

Individual electrical outlets are designed to carry a limited amount of electricity, so remember:
Plugging too many electrical devices into one outlet can cause a fire by overloading the outlet.
Safety devices, such as fuse boxes and circuit breakers, help protect you by providing a warning of overloading.