New Service

Applying for Service

Application for new services with Marlboro Electric is required to be processed in-person.  The application process includes specific requirements and information.  At the time of applying for service, applicants are required to pay a membership fee, connect fee, security deposit and any outstanding debt with MEC.

When applying, please have available the following when you come to the office:

  • Driver's License or picture ID
  • Social Security Number of all applicants
  • Home, work and cell phone numbers
  • E-mail address (if applicable)
  • Service address (meter number is helpful if an existing service)
  • Mailing address
  • Location of Property
  • Proper permits (Contact your local county or city authorities for specific electrical building codes.)

Anyone applying for electrical service with MEC is required to pay a one-time $5.00 membership fee.  .

If an applicant wants the power connected the same day as application, there is a one time connect fee of $45.  If the applicant wants the power connected the following day, the connect fee is $25.

A security deposit may be required.  This is based on a credit check. 

Any previous outstanding debt with Marlboro Electric must also be paid.  In some cases, connection fees and other costs may apply.

Any return payment charges are $40 each.

Future charges will be applied to your account when necessary.

Unauthorized cutting of meter seals, meter tampering or diversion of power is a $350 fee and possible prosecution.

Please note that charges and fees are subject to change.  The policies, regulations, procedures and fees listed on or any of the printed materials distributed by Marlboro Electric Cooperative are subject to change without prior notice, if necessary, to keep the Cooperative policies in compliance with State and Federal laws and/or with rules and regulations established by the Board of Trustees of Marlboro Electric Cooperative.

Marlboro Electric Cooperative reserves the right to change fees, service charges, policies and practices, of whatever kind, affecting members. The provisions of this site or any printed materials distributed by the Cooperative, do not constitute a contract, express or implied, between any member and Marlboro Electric Cooperative or its Board of Trustees.

Before your service is connected

Marlboro Electric Cooperative will not connect service unless the home or business meets electrical codes and breakers are turned OFF.

Homes and businesses are individually and separately metered. Be sure to notify Marlboro Electric when you install additional large appliances or equipment, just in case your service needs upgrading.

Meter Bases and Accessories

All meter bases connected to Marlboro Electric Cooperative’s system must meet certain specifications in order for power to be connected.

It is important to provide access to Marlboro Electric equipment at all times. This includes the meter we have installed at your service location.

Shrubs must be planted at least three feet from the meter. If you want to keep it in a secure area that is locked, you should obtain a lock from Marlboro Electric. Dogs and pets also need to be kept away from the area in which the meter is located.

Marlboro Electric uses solid state digital meters that are read daily. Devices inside the substations communicate with meters to gather information and relay it to the cooperative office. Your account is billed monthly.

A seal is on every electric meter owned by Marlboro Electric Cooperative. Only authorized cooperative personnel have the right to cut the seal and pull the meter. If you cut the seal and pull the meter, you face fines, costs and possible criminal prosecution.  

When a co-op employee installs a meter, it is installed on de-energized service.  Unauthorized tampering with a Marlboro Electric meter is against the law in South Carolina.  In addition, if you cut a co-op seal on a meter base and pull the meter, you may face a fate worse than fines, costs and possible criminal prosecution. Pulling the meter when your service is energized can cause an electric arc capable of inflicting serious injury, blindness, burns and sometimes death.

Home emergencies and repairs can require that meters be disconnected. Call our office to have your service disconnected.  If anyone does work in the fuse box or meter base, the service must be re-inspected by the county inspector. Only a licensed, professional electrician should do such work. If you need to have electrical work performed, please call your co-op to schedule a serviceman to pull your meter during normal business hours Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Co-ops often use color-coded seals on meter bases. Colors can indicate active or closed accounts or meters where tampering is suspected.  Cut seals often indicate power theft and fines may apply.