Service Interruptions

Marlboro Electric Cooperative Inc. does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted electric service and will not be liable for the loss or damage to any consumer’s equipment or possessions caused by failure or reversal of the supply of electricity due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of the Cooperative.

Further, Marlboro Electric Cooperative shall not be liable for damages due to failure or interruption of the supply of electrical energy through an act of God, accident, labor troubles, or any other cause beyond the control of the Cooperative. The Cooperative shall not be liable for damages caused by curtailments or interruptions of service due to governmental regulation,  governmental limitations or governmental fuel allocations or other fuel unavailability not resulting from the negligence of the Cooperative.

The consumer shall notify the Cooperative promptly of any defect in service or of any trouble or irregularity in the electric supply. Whenever service is interrupted for work on lines or equipment, such work shall be done, as far as practicable, at a time that will cause the least in convenience to the consumer and to the cooperative.