Special Needs

Marlboro Electric has a Special Needs Policy to notify members before the termination of their electric service where the loss of power would be dangerous to their health or a person residing in the member's household.

The policy does not relieve the member from their obligation to pay the bill, however, it may add additional notifications to the member before the disconnection of power occurs for non-payment of their power bill.

To be added to the Special Needs customer listing, Marlboro Electric must receive a form from our office that is to be completed by their health care provider.  The form must be renewed annually to remain on the Special Needs list. You cannot be added to the Special Needs list without properly submitting this form.

Occasionally, we experience severe weather that could cause a loss of power for an extended amount of time. If you or someone in your household is on a life support system, we suggest you purchase an inexpensive generator which would keep the support system operating during this time. Marlboro Electric restores power as quickly as possible but has no way of knowing how extensive the outage could be.

If you or a family member depends on life support, call Marlboro Electric BEFORE an emergency arises.  Documentation from the doctor is required each year.

Special Needs Application Form